The Search

The ultimate boat search begins in the Pacific North West!

This is the quest for what is hot and what is not...dream the life and live the dream.

This mobile app feeds the addiction of the inner mariner, don't fight is timeless.

Boat Search U.S.

Welcome to The Search

We break down a boating region within the United States, give you a tour of what it is all about, introduce you to the local brokers...then give you hot links to every boat for sale in the region...with live-time updates!


Simply click a button on your mobile device or desktop computer and see what is happening in the region.


Even if you already own a boat or not ever going to buy is a lot of fun to look and dream about it...and we throw in a bunch of beautiful mermaids along the way.



Search for boats and places to take them!

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Online Magazine / Newsletter App Coming  July 2016!

Included in the App...Buyers Checklists!

The Search is what it is all about...the siren call to sea...and adventure. And if you can afford to buy the boat of your dreams, we have various tools within the app that give you inspection checklists for shopping multiple boats, boat lenders, insurance quotes, contingency offers, and final offers.

Which boat will you select for a professional survey / sea-trial?

The Search includes a shoppers checklist for you to perform multiple inspections on many boats in the field, and then receive printed documents you can use for comparative analysis in deciding which one is for you.


This is incredibly helpful to your shopping experience and also to building a contingency offer on the boat of your choice.

Which boat will you be able to afford...and get the down payment for?


The VOX Lender Checklist gives you an email /printable form once you have completed the boxes.


YOU can find out right away if Marine Lenders are going to finance the vessel you are looking at and shop for the best terms.


This form alone could save you weeks of time and alot of money.

Learn how to navigate and explore the region of the select app!